Cheers to Last Year

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Big Cartel helps launch independent, artistic businesses. We’re home to over 600,000 online shops all over the world and we experienced a lot together this year.

Here’s a look at 2014 through the eyes of one of our amazing shops.

Introducing Crisp.

They sell eyewear direct from the sunny west coast of Australia. Crisp opened up shop a little over a year ago on the morning of January 1st. Many artists put running their own shop right near the top of their list of resolutions, and we suspect that Crisp was no different.

Big Cartel is the perfect choice for an independent shop like Crisp, because we create tools that make it easy to build an online store from scratch.


miles from Australia to Big Cartel HQ


surfing days in a year

Crisp set out to offer a unique product to save your eyes from the hot summer sun. Throughout the year, they added several colorful sunglass options, and Kahuna and Cruze quickly became their most popular products.


different sunglass options


UV protection (for your health)

Meanwhile, Big Cartel added 10 new employees (and four babies!) to the team, built a brand new help area, and worked hard to throw a life preserver to any struggling shop owners.


answered questions


video tutorials


field guides

While Crisp hustled to get things moving, Big Cartel launched our iOS App and a really efficient mobile admin to help shops like Crisp keep up the momentum, even while working from the road.


app downloads


in-person sales during the holidays

Crisp updated their shop with Luna, one of several of our awesome, completely mobile-friendly themes. We worked with some of our favorite studios to add a wider selection of beautiful themes to the shop admin, and have even more planned for 2015.


Luna theme installs


new themes:
Nova from Singlenaut
Snakebite from Fuzzco
Picklejuice from Ghostly Ferns

Big Cartel is working hard to support new shops like Crisp opening up all over the world, while staying connected to our hometown in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2014, we brought musicians and makers to our community with events like living room shows and a holiday pop-up shop.


Rails Girls participants


in pop-up shop sales, 100% going back to the artists


Craft Lake City artists

While Crisp built a thriving Facebook community, Big Cartel published handy guides to help other shops grow too. They also took advantage of discount codes to promote their shades. Check out their much-anticipated new product, The Classic, coming soon.


likes on Crisp’s Facebook page


year and just killin’ it

As their shop traffic grew, we’re sure that life got crazier for Crisp. To help, we worked on a big upgrade to seamless checkout, officially adding PayPal. We also added notes at checkout to make communication a little easier and the whole checkout process go more smoothly.


in total sales for all shops


in sales during the holiday rush weekend

Crisp is one of over 600,000 stores who, along with Big Cartel, will navigate the waters of 2015. It will be our 10th year as a company, and we’re more dedicated than ever to making it easier for visionary makers and independent sellers to make money doing what they love.

Open your own shop.