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8 years

That’s how long we’ve been around.

There are about
days in eight years.


If each day were a piece of candy, we’d be looking at a pile that weighed about 67 lbs. You’d need a piƱata just over 20 feet tall to hold it all.

There are over
stores using Big Cartel.

state shape of Georgia

If our stores were a giant, bustling city, we’d be about the size of Atlanta, Georgia!

Big Cartel city symbols

If each store were a rung on a giant ladder, our ladder would extend up over...

0 miles

That’s almost half way to the orbit of the space station.

Big Cartel stores pulled in a whopping
dollars last year.

shining diamond

That’s enough to buy all 45 carats of the world-famous hope diamond. And still blow a hundred mil on junk food.

Big Cartel stores made
dollars in the holiday rush week alone!

barrel opened to reveal money

That’s over 50 lbs of greenbacks. Or just enough to fit into one giant, blue, Walter White barrel buried quietly in the desert.

We answered over
customer support emails.

strong man lifting a train

If each email weighed 5 lbs, that’d be the combined weight of a steam-powered freight train engine. Pretty mighty for such a tiny team.

At one sip per email, that’s about
cups of coffee. One cream, two sugars, please.